Sunday, 11 January 2009

Mintron MTV-23S85H-EX-R

Recently, another camera suitable for real-time deep sky imaging has been produced by Mintron. This is the Mintron MTV-23S85H-EX-R monochrome video camera which has a 0.33 inch CCD sensor and up to 256 frame integration

Mintron Mintron MTV-23S85H-EX-R monochrome video camera (0.33 inch CCD sensor) 256 frame integration

Image of M1 the Crab Nebula captured from the video stream from the Mintron MTV-23S85H-EX-R camera with a 0.5 focal reducer and an F/4.8 10 inch Newtonian.

Image of the limb of the Sun in H-alpha light using a x3 Barlow and a Coronado PST H-alpha solar telescope. Image captured on Dec 6th 2008
These cameras can be used to capture bright or faint objects as these images show.