Wednesday, 12 August 2015

M27 with 5s video frame exposures with a LN30 video camera and a 150 mm, f/5 Newtonian

The LN300 video camera was fitted with a Baader UV/IR rejection filter and placed at the Newtonian focus of an AZ GOTO, 150 mm, f/5. Newtonian. The camera was set to SENS OFF (frame accumulation) and LENS shutter exposure of 256 x 1/50s = 5.12s. The camera was connected to a Windows 10 laptop via a Digital Climax VCap303 capture card. SharpCap was used to capture 100 frames, one frame every 5s. Similarly, 100 x 5s dark-frames were captured. The best 90 frames were registered, derotated and stacked in Deep Sky Stacker, post processed in Photoshop and finally aspect ratio corrected in Nicola Mackin's Aspect Ratio Corrector software:

Live view of the computer screen with SharpCap

The live view was very pleasing and would be good for star parties or sharing viewing.

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