Thursday, 17 January 2013

Using the Samsung SDC-435 (SCB-2000) video camera for astronomy

It has been a while since I wrote in this blog but I am back from my other projects. Previously I was exploring the Mintron series of cameras and some modifications that Mintron made to the cameras for me that gave them more capabilities as astronomical imagers.
I am now reporting on some experiments on using the Samsung SDC-435 (SCB-2000) frame-accumulating, colour video camera for deep sky imaging:

The camera:

I attached the camera to a 10" f/4.8 Newtonian reflector telescope and used Astrovideo to capture 100 frame AVIs with a 5s delay between the capture of individual frames. The sens was set to auto and max accumulation of 512. AGC was set to high and the camera was set to colour. A 100 frame dark-frame AVI was captured with fixed align with the cap on the front of the scope.

The camera adjusted automatically so that the dark-frame was far too light as discussed for Mintron Dark Frames in our article in ‘Popular Astronomy’ April-June 2010. Astrovideo also simultaneously tracked and summed the captured frames and produced an image that was saved as a .BMP file. This image was then used along with the dark-frame in Dark-Frame-Scaler to produce a corrected dark-frame for use with the AVI in Registax.

The first results are presented here rescaled from 640 x 480 to 500 x 375:






I needed to investigate camera settings to see whether the colour balance can be improved. The blueish tinted filter that filters out IR in front of the 1/3" chip will also cut down H-alpha to levels that could be below 20% of their actual values. I then modified the camera by removing this filter.
My intitial reaction was that this camera can be used for Deep Sky observing and imaging although the live views have a fair bit of colour noise.

Comet McNaught C2009/R1 with an Unmodified Samsung SDC-435 frame-accumulating video camera and an 11" F/10 SCT

June 21/22, 2010

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