Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Comet McNaught C2009/R1 with a Mintron and an 11" SCT at f/10

I used an Omega modified 1/2" chip colour Mintron fitted with a light pollution filter to image Comet McNaught. The comet was in the lightest part of the June 21-22 sky, just above and to the west of Capella. I captured 15 min of high quality DVD of the comet and of dark frames. The BMP images were extracted from the DVD with VOB Frame Extractor and the dark-frames were scaled with Dark Frame Scaler. The dark-frame corrected frames were stacked in Registax.
Comet McNaught

Considerable structure is visible in the tail and the movement of the comet against the background stars can be seen by the faint, streaked stars.

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