Sunday, 5 April 2009

The MTV-73S85HP-EX-SW-R colour deep-sky Mintron Video camera for Lunar imaging

The MTV-73S85HP-EX-SW-R colour deep-sky Mintron is a good lunar and planetary imager for observing or imaging showing the versatility of the camera.

April 4th 2009 an f/10 6" Schmidt Cassegrain was used with the Deep-sky colour Mintron.
The principal settings were: integration was turned of, AGC was on, AWB was used and a
shutter speed selected to give the best exposure.

Clavius and Tycho region at the prime focus.

Crater Clavius with a x2 Barlow.

Crater Copernicus with a x2 Barlow

The region of craters Arzachel, Alphonsus and Ptolomaeus at the prime focus.

The apennine mountains at Prime focus.

Crater Plato at Prime focus

AVIs were processed in Registax.

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