Monday, 13 April 2009

A Mintron or an eyepiece ?

If it is visible in the eyepiece, a Mintron camera will produce an image on a TV screen that you will be able to share with others in real time. No waiting in line to peer into the eyepiece. Point at the image on the screen and discuss the structure of the object you are viewing. If you record the video on VCR or DVD you can revisit your observing session on a rainy night. This is an ideal setup for schools, societies, star-parties and public demonstrations as well as individual observing. It is a great way to share the 'eyepiece'.

This is a photograph taken of a CRT TV monitor screen to show what the real time view of M13 was like using a MTV-23S85HC-EX-R monochrome deep-sky Mintron, an Opticstar 0.5 focal reducer lens, a Skywatcher light-pollution filter and a 6 inch Schmidt Cassegrain f/10 telescope. I set up a compact digital camera on a tripod, pointed it at the screen, zoomed in to make the image larger, set a time delay before the shutter fired and pressed the button.

The Video was recorded in HQ onto DVD. 100 x 256-frame integrated frames were captured from DVD, registered and summed on the fly with AstroVideo using dark-frame subtraction to produce this image.

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