Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A Mintron, a C6 and focal reduction

A MTV-23S85HC-EX-R monochrome deep-sky Mintron was used with a C6 Schmidt Cassegrain fitted with a 6.3 Celestron focal reducer and field flattener. The Mintron was also fitted with an Opticstar 0.5 focal reducer on the standard C/CS adapter as well as a Skywatcher light-pollution filter. I could not bring this assembly to focus. However, if I used a half-length adapter, the focal reduction was not so high but The camera could be brought to focus. This was the configuration used to obtain this image of M51. 100 x 256-frame integrated frames were captured, registered and summed in Astrovideo. The resulting FITs file was processed in the Gimp and finished in Neat Image.

The Next two images were obtained using just the 6.3 focal reducer/field flattener.
This image of M57 is the sum of 95 x 256-frame integrated frames.

This image of M13 is the sum of 80 x 256-frame integrated frames

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