Thursday, 4 June 2015

The best of both adapter worlds with the £12-80, 1000 TV lines, colour TV camera

Today, I removed the sliding IR cut/ plain glass filters from the lens holder and re-attached the lens threads to the circuit board.

There is a small spring-loaded arm activated by the brightness of the light that slides the IR cut filter in front of the sensor in bright light, and slides the plain glass filter in front of the sensor in dim light.

With both of these removed, the lens threads were then re-attached to the circuit board beneath the C/CS thread aperture:

This allows for either a webcam adapter or a C/CS adapter (1.25" OR 2") to be used with the camera.

Back view

Side view

The box with the power/signal cable

Being a colour camera, it is most suited to lunar and planetary imaging. An IR cut filter is required if a scope other than a Newtonian is used because visible and IR light come to slightly different foci and produce a soft focus if an IR cut filter isn't used with a refractor. The original IR filter can be left in place if the filter slider is disabled.

I do however, intend to remount the circuit board in a smaller, black project box to produce a neater finished camera.

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