Wednesday, 16 June 2010

M57 with Mono and Colour Mintrons and an 11" SCT

I used a half inch chip Monochrome MTV-22S85HC-EX Mintron and a half inch chip OMEGA MTV-72S85H-EX-SW colour Mintron camera at the prime focus of an 11" f/10 SCT. The monochrome image was used as luminance and the colour image was used for chrominance and the two images were combined:
Monochrome Image:

Colour Image:

Combined Image:

The monochrome image captured fine whispy detail at the edges of the nebulae which is visible in the final combined colour image.
Image data and darkframe data were recorded at high quality to DVD. The BMP frames were then recovered from the DVD with no loss of quality using our VOB Frame Extractor software. The darkframes were scaled using our Dark Frame Scaler software. The aspect ratio of the final images was corrected to 4:3

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