Saturday, 14 September 2019

M13 in a bright, moonlit sky with a Bresser Messier AR 102xs f/4.5 refractor and an SVBONY SV305 camera

A motor-focuser adapted Bresser Messier AR 102xs f/4.5 refractor (see previous blog post) was placed on an HEQ5 GOTO mount, and an SV305 camera was placed at the prime focus.
30 x 15s exposures were captured of M13 with matching dark-frames. The best 27 frames were dark-frame corrected and stacked in Autostakkert!3. The resulting image was post-processed in the Gimp 2.10.

Click on the image to get closer views.

M13 with an SV305

Notwithstanding the 99.7% Moon in the sky, the SV305 performed well, as did the motor focuser.