Monday, 21 May 2018

Deep Sky with the SVBONY T7 W2568A camera, AstroDMx Capture for Linux and a 10 inch, f/4.8 Newtonian

An SVBONY T7 W2568A camera was placed at the Newtonian focus of an Orion Europa, 10 inch, f/4.8 Newtonian. Exposures were captured in RAW 8, with real-time dark-frame and flat-field correction using AstroDMx Capture for Linux on a Debian laptop. The exposures were saved as Tiff files. M13 (50 x 15s exposures), M57 (30 x 45s exposures) and M82 (30 x 60s exposures). The exposures were stacked in Deep Sky Stacker running in Wine and Post processed in the Gimp 2.9 and Neat Image.


Screenshot of AstroDMx Capture for Linux capturing M82 data with real-time dark-frame and flat-field correction



Quite acceptable deep-sky images from this low cost SVBONY W2568A high-speed camera. An ideal starter camera.