Sunday, 21 March 2010

RGB images with a monochrome Mintron and a 6" f/5 achromatic refractor

A 6" F/5 Achromatic refractor was mounted on an EQ3-2 polar aligned mount. DVD was captured with red, green and blue filters at each of 256, 64 and 32 frame accumulations. The Mintron 22S85HC-EX 1/2" chip, frame-accumulating video camera also had stacked light pollution and UV/IR cut filters. Opticstar RGB filters and a manual filter wheel were used.

The different images for each colour channel and each level of frame accumulation were stacked in Registax. Then the colour channels were combined using Andrew Sprott's CAP (Colour Alignment Processor) to produce a colour image for each level of frame accumulation which was then processed for levels in the Gimp. Finally the three images for each level of frame accumulation were registered and combined in Andrew Sprott's FIC (Flexible Image Combine) to reveal all parts of the nebula. The Aspect ratio of the image was corrected in the Gimp and the final image was resized down a little.
M42/M43 RGB image

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