Thursday, 7 January 2010

New 1/2" colour Deep-Sky Mintron for 2010

The new 1/2" chip colour Deep-Sky Mintron, the 72S85HP-EX-SW OMEGA has wider fileds of view, better colour fidelity and lower amp glow than the previous incredible 1/3" Helix version. This camera was launched at Astrofest.

M82 with the new 1/2" chip colour 72S85HP-EX-SW OMEGA Mintron with a 10" f/4.8 Newtonian

The Cat's eye Nebula with a 10" f/4.8 Newtonian and a x2 Barlow

The previous post in December 2009 gave the proving results for this camera.
Extracting unique Frames from DVD recordings
The Vob file extractor software as described in my December 2009 article in Astronomy Now can be freely downloaded here.
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