Sunday, 27 September 2009

The MTV-73S85HP-EX-SW-R colour deep-sky Mintron and an f/4.8 10" Newtonian

An MTV-73S85HP-EX-SW-R colour deep-sky Helix Mintron with a 0.5 focal reducer and an IR cut filter was placed at the Prime focus of a 10" f/4.8 Newtonian.

The video stream was recorded in HQ on DVD. The frames were extracted dircetly from DVD and 281 frames were used (the best 90%) by Deep Sky Stacker to produce the image. A 75% scaled dark frame was used.

This is the image of Caldwell 27 (The Crescent Nebula) obtained.

Caldwell 33, (The Eastern Veil Nebula) was revealed nicely when the best 90% of 176 frames were stacked in Deep-Sky Stacker using a 75% scaled dark-frame.

This image of M82 was derived from the best 95% of 176 frames stacked in Deep Sky Stacker with a 75% scaled dark-frame subtraction.

This image of M13 was derived from 300 frames registered in Deep Sky Stacker and corrected with a scaled dark-frame

The colour balance and levels were adjusted in The Gimp.

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