Sunday, 22 February 2009

Further tests of the Deep-sky real-time colour Mintron MTV-73S85HP-EX-SW-R

The camera was introduced at the European Astrofest on February 6 and 7 in London. There was considerable interest shown.

The sky cleared for long enough to capture 30 minutes of high quality DVD. I also captured 15 minutes of dark-frame data. I used a cheap achromat 80mm refractor and an IR/UV cut filter on the camera which was set to 256 frame integration. The sky didn't stay clear for long enough to capture data at lower exposure to expose the central region of the nebula correctly.

I used the Astrovideo software to capture 100 camera-integrated frames for the darkframe and then 300 camera-integrated frames for the image data with dark-frame correction.

The camera produced good colour rendering of the nebula.

Dark-frame correction got rid of the amp glow that is inevitably inherent with this type of camera.

Some Settings of the camera while the data for the above image were being recorded: