Tuesday, 12 September 2017

AstroDMx Capture for Linux released

Nicola Mackin has now released AstroDMx Capture for Linux.
She has been working on the coding for more than a year and has a very stable release that works with a range of Cameras.

The software can be downloaded at www.linux-astro-imaging.uk

Splash screen of AstroDMx Capture for Linux

List of cameras implemented for AstroDMx Capture for Linux
USB Astronomy Cameras
DMK 21AU04.AS (8 bit ADC)
DFK 21AU04.AS (8 bit ADC)
DBK 21AU04.AS (8 bit ADC)
ZWO ASI120MC (USB2.0, 12 bit ADC)
ZWO ASI120MC-S (USB3.0, 12 bit ADC)
ZWO ASI120MM-S (USB3.0, 12 bit ADC)
Bresser MicrOcular Full HD Digital Camera (8 bit ADC)
USB cameras
ELP 1.3Mp CMOS board-level HD USB camera (8 bit ADC)
Lucky Zoom 5Mp microscope USB CMOS camera (8 bit ADC)
Vimicro USB2.0 UVC PC camera (e.g. Maplin USB2.0 Microscope) (8 bit ADC)
USB Capture cards
UVC capture card (Motion-JPEG only) (8 bit ADC)
EasyCAP (Motion-JPEG only) (8 bit ADC)
USB webcams
Sweex WC066 HD webcam (8 bit ADC)
Sweex WC070 ViewPlus (8 bit ADC)
Philips SPC900NC including SPC800 and Philips 740 flashed to SPC900NC (8 bit ADC)
Philips 740 ToUCam Pro (mono feed only) map YUYV to greyscale for true mono. (8 bit ADC)
Philips 690 Vesta Pro Webcam (8 bit ADC)
Logitech HD C525 (8 bit ADC)
Microsoft LIFECAM 2 (8 bit ADC)
Creative Webcam Live (8 bit ADC) Bayer output only.
All Video 4 Linux cameras.
Ongoing and planned future camera implementation
QHY 5-II series of astronomy cameras (ongoing)
Atik cameras (Planned)

List of Linux Operating systems and desktop environments tested to date with 
AstroDMx Capture for Linux
Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon
Linux Mint 18.2 Mate
Linux Mint 18.2 xfce
Debian 9 Cinnamon
Debian 9 LXDE
Debian 9 xfce
Debian 9 GNOME
Kubuntu 16.04 LTS
Kubuntu 17.04
Xubuntu 17.04
Lubuntu 17.04
Ubuntu Gnome 3 or classic
Fedora 24, 25, 26 with Gnome 3
Fedora 26 with Cinnamon
Peppermint OS
Ubuntu 16.04 with Unity (with the additional download package)
Ubuntu 17.04 with Unity (with the additional download package)
Ubuntu 17.04 with Budgie
Antergos Linux
PC Linux Mate
Mageia Linux
Elementary OS. Runs from the command line only at the moment